Outdoor living is a growing trend in today’s society as people look to their homes for comfort and escape from the ever stressful work environment. Proper landscape design encompasses all of your outdoor space and goes beyond the green items of trees, shrubs and turf. By carefully analyzing your needs and lifestyles, we can design and create beautiful, functional areas from Mother Nature’s pallet of stone that will last forever with very little maintenance.

Our naturalistic approach to landscaping, the use of traditional materials, and common sense design allow us to create these spaces so that they fit in with the surrounding land forms. We encourage you to explore the use of weathered boulders and large stone slabs, as well as stone walls, granite or masonry steps, and traditional paving surfaces such as rustic red brick or bluestone.

Our stonemasons are skilled craftsmen and have the ability to cut and fabricate stone on site in order to ensure proper fit and finish. They painstakingly analyze and set grades so that their work is functional as well as beautiful. They have the skills to build with or without mortar and concrete. From rustic fieldstone walls to hand cut granite with pencil thin joints, our team can create the look that you are after.

For contemporary homes and budget conscious clients we also install concrete paving products and segmented block retaining walls.

Decorative Weathered Boulders

WALLS: Boulder Retaining Walls, Stone retaining walls, Sitting walls, Pillars

STEPS: Natural stone slabs, Masonry steps of stone risers and bluestone or granite treads, New Cut Granite, Antique Granite

STONE VENEER: House Foundations, Concrete walls, Fieldstone, Granite and other stone

FLATWORK: Walkways, Patios, Terraces, Aprons, Swimming Pool & Spa Coping, Bluestone, Brick, Cobblestone, Granite, (square cut, random shapes, live edge)

STONE EDGING: Cobblestone, Fieldstone, Granite


We have recently begun using a new system called Sol Pave. This system comes to us from SOLECOL, a leader in engineering sustainable and eco-friendly paving and surfacing products. This attractive and innovative design concept combines honeycomb technology with the timeless beauty of natural stones.

Here are some of the benefits of SOLEPAVE:

  • High load bearing capacity.
  • Eco-friendly solution for erosion control, earth retention, slope protection,and stability issues.
  • UV Stone surface finished top layer provide good resistance against aggressive environments.
  • Long life at low maintenance cost.
  • Excellent water drainage.
  • Excellent acoustic damping properties.
  • Geotextile backing underneath prevents weed growth.
  • Used in SUDS and LEED compliant paving installations.
  • Quick and easy to install, no specialist tools or training needed.

Please check out our sample gallery below, or for more photos visit our Portfolio page. You can also schedule a Complimentary One-Hour Consultation today!