The “Green Industry” has grown tremendously over the past twenty-five years and has become a 4.7 billion dollar industry in New England alone. The industry includes all firms involved in ornamental horticulture including nurseries, garden centers, lawn care operators, as well as landscape and tree service companies, which all together employ over 43,000 people in Massachusetts. When you choose a landscaping company, you often choose between a close relationship with a small business with fewer than ten employees, or an impersonal experience with a national conglomerate capable of handling larger projects. When you choose Jeffreys Creek, you choose both. We pride ourselves on the close relationships we form with our clients while delivering the experience and capability you’d find in firms of a much larger size. This is what makes us unique and capable of a superior process, product and overall experience, leaving you with a property you can be proud of and enjoy for years to come.

There is an age old saying: “a house is only as good as its foundation”. The same is true of landscaping. Good preparation is essential. Jeffreys Creek knows this and makes preparation a priority. Quality soil is the single most important factor in the successful establishment of plant material and lawns because it is home to roots, the most critical part of the plant, and provides almost all the nutrients a plant needs to grow. The soil around a home is often poor quality due to construction or natural conditions. Prior to installing plant material, we will recommend either amending the existing soil or removing it altogether and replacing it with a high quality product to a depth of up to  eighteen inches. We use only the best quality topsoil containing the proper texture, structure, fertility and chemical properties to support healthy lawns and gardens.

The planting of trees and shrubs has a functional role as well as an aesthetic one. Well-designed and well-placed trees can offer cooling in the summer months, while others can create a windbreak to buffer the cold winds of winter. The use of specimen trees and shrubs can enhance the architecture of the home and act as focal points, lending an immediate mature look to the property. Planting can provide seasonal color, privacy screens, and enhance outdoor living spaces such as patios, pools and terraces.

We can help you choose plants with multi-season appeal so your landscape remains attractive year-round. When used properly, certain colors of plants can give the illusion of making an area look more spacious or more intimate, and can often act as an exclamation point for a particular area. Whether you desire a garden to attract birds and butterflies, provide fresh cut flowers, herbs or vegetables, or simply to enhance a shady nook, we have the experience to help you make these decisions and achieve the landscape you have your heart set on.

Our planting bed designs are inherently low maintenance due to the time and effort spent finding the right species for the location, as well as planting in masses that grow together harmoniously and eliminate empty space. After landscape plantings have been installed, the beds are dressed with a layer of mulch to help retain moisture, prevent soil erosion and provide vital nutrients to the soil as it breaks down. We also encourage the use of ground covers to fill in under trees and shrubs so that in maturity your landscape is natural and pleasing to the eye.

Our professional expertise in design, placement, and installation of landscape plantings using the leading planting methods in the industry helps us to tie your structural elements together, adding color, texture, fragrance, and value to your home.

Transplanting, Specimen Plants, Plantings, Mulch, Turf, After Care Programs, Pruning of Ornamental Trees & Shrubs, Brush clearing & removal.

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