Proper irrigation of a new lawn or landscape is our main concern once a project is completed. We can often instruct our clients on hand watering, but the time constraints of their daily lives make it hard to commit to a regular watering schedule. For those clients who would rather leave the watering to somebody else, we have expanded our services to include automatic underground irrigation systems.

Careful use of our water resources is the theme behind designing a new system here at Jeffrey’s Creek. Our systems are designed to water turf as well as plant material using two different types of product. We irrigate lawns with pop-up rotator and spray heads with water conserving nozzles that deliver up to one inch of water weekly, depending on the season. Plant material and garden beds are irrigated separately as they have different needs which are met using buried drip tubing, single plant bubblers or occasionally elevated spray nozzles.

The heart of any good irrigation system is the controller. They range from easy-to-use clocks to very sophisticated systems that use real-time weather information to assess whether your landscape requires watering or not. Regardless of your needs, we can build a system to meet your requirements and adequately hydrate your plant material all while helping to conserve our water resources.


Jeffrey’s Creek installs low voltage, LED systems to allow the client to enjoy the beauty of their properties in the evenings as well as the day time. The systems cost little to run and add a tasteful illuminated pathway to your home or yard.

We will take over servicing and management systems for clients who are not satisfied with their existing system or service provider. Jeffrey’s Creek has an excellent Certified Irrigation Technician whose specialty is diagnostics and who can offer ways to improve a system while correcting issues. Our client list is small to guarantee fast, personable service.

Design, Installation, and Service of all Irrigation and Low Voltage Lighting Systems

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